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wisconsin Squirrel removal, kenosha Squirrel controlWisconsin Squirrel Removal and Squirrel Control is a common service provided by Stateline Animal Control. Services are provided to remove squirrels, and prevent squirrel problems. These Squirrel Control services throughout are provided throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Squirrels can be a major nuisance pest animal that cause homeowners millions of dollars in damages each year. We provide complete Squirrel Removal, Squirrel Control, Squirrel Exclusions and Squirrel trapping throughout the areas of Kenosha, Lake Geneva, Waterford , Racine, Twin Lakes, and all other surrounding Wisconsin areas.

Squirrel Conflicts have been on the rise throughout Wisconsin for over the last decade, and an increased need for squirrel control services has also been on the rise. Squirrels are excellent climbers and they typically find entry into attics by use of vents, soffits, and comprised areas of a homes roof. Squirrels will find a small opening then chew a wider hole to gain access to the building or attic. Complete services provided include the removal of the squirrel, sealing the home and repairs to fix any squirrel damage.

Squirrel Damage

Often times when squirrels gain access to attics they will destroy the homes insulation. The Squirrel will use insulation for nesting material to build a nest to have their young. This chewing and smashing of insulation decreases the effectiveness of the insulation. In addition to decreasing the insulations R-value it often times will become soiled by animal droppings and urine. Once the squirrel has been removed from the attic the importance of removing the insulation is critical. If the affected insulation is not removed the smell can attract new squirrels thereby creating an even bigger problem. Stateline Animal Control Experts provide complete services to get rid of squirrels and remove and replace all contaminated insulation.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can be found running across power lines and running down sidewalks. However, if you see a Squirrel on top of your home, you may have damage in your attic that has been done. Squirrels are the second most destructive animal second only to a Raccoon. Squirrels do over 2 billion dollars of damage a year to homes and businesses. Squirrels have an urge to gnaw and will satisfy this urge by chewing power wires, phone lines, and TV cables. Squirrels will also damage your homes attic insulation by defecating and urinating on it. This drastically decreases the ability of the insulation to effectively maintain thermal resistance.

Our Wildlife Technicians at Stateline Animal Control are fully licensed to help with your Squirrel Removal needs. If you are having trouble with any type of Wildlife nuisances, please give Stateline Animal Control a call today for all of your Southeastern Wisconsin Wildlife problems.

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