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wisconsin beaver controlBeaver Removal experts of Stateline Animal Control specialize in beaver removal and beaver control services. Beavers of Wisconsin can cause serious damage in a single night. These nuisance animals cause problems by destroying trees, building dams, which can lead to flooding problemsand destrution of trees. We provide complete beaver control services including beaver trapping, and dam removal. We provide these services throughout South East Wisconsin including the areas of Kenosha, Janesville, Waterford, Twin Lakes, Lake Geneva and surrounding Wisconsin areas.

Beaver Facts

Beavers are the largest rodent found in North America only second to the largest to the capybara, which is the largest rodent of the world. Most adult beavers weigh between 35 and 65 pounds, but can occasionaly weigh up to 70-85 pounds. These stalky rodents live in aquatic environments. They have webbed hind feet, 4 large incisor teeth, coarse fur and a large flattened tail that is used as a rutter for swimming. They can be found living in streams, rivers, ponds, creeks, wetlands, almost anywhere theyre is a water source.

Beaver Removal

There are several ways that a company can address a beaver problem but a majority of the time, a trapping program is necessary to control the problematic beaver. Beavers use their teeth to carve into wood and other building materials when making a dam to house their young. This can lead to expensive damage being done to your home or business and it is important to intervene on a beavers destruction as soon as possible.

Our Wildlife Technicians at Stateline Animal Control are fully licensed to help with your Beaver removal needs. If you are having trouble with any type of Wildlife nuisance, please give Stateline Animal Control a call today for all of your Southeastern Wisconsin Wildlife problems.

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