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wisconsin Snake removal, kenosha Snake control Snake Removal and Snake Control is a common service provided by Stateline Animal Control experts. It is common for a snake to get inside a home, basement, garage or business during the summer and spring months. We provide emergency snake removal services throughout Southeastern Wisconsin including the areas of Kenosha, Lake Geneva, Twin Lakes, Racine and Janesville Wisconsin. If you discover a snake it is important to distance yourself from it and call the snake control experts of Stateline Animal Control to have the snake safely removec from your home of business.

Snake Removal Solutions

Snakes usually hide in wood or sawdust piles but are also known to hide in abandoned farm buildings, junkyards, and old construction sites. Snakes live in warm places that are usually secluded from human contact. Snakes will venture out when they are looking for food and will only strike if they feel they are being threatened.

Our Wildlife Technicians at Stateline Animal Control are fully licensed to help with your Snake Removal needs. If you are having trouble with any type of Wildlife nuisances, please give Stateline Animal Control a call today for all of your Southeastern Wisconsin Wildlife problems.

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