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Safe, Humane, Effective Groundhog Control Services provided by Stateline Animal Control!

wisconsin Groundhog removal, kenosha Groundhog controlGroundhog Removal and Groundhog Control are services that Stateline Animal Control provides to customers in Southeastern Wisconsin. Groundhogs are known for digging holes and boroughs that can cause expensive damage to your property. These holes are made by the groundhog in an effort to find a safe and comfortable place to live and have their babies. Though groundhogs are not vicious animals, it is important to have someone specially trained remove the animal.

Groundhog Removal Solutions

There are several ways that a company can address a groundhog problem but a majority of the time a trapping program is necessary in order to control the problematic groundhogs. Often times, a Wildlife Exclusion can be performed to solve the problem without trapping the animal. A wildlife exclusion is where all the possible entry points for the groundhogs are blocked and a one-way door is installed allowing the groundhog a way out but not a way to return. This can be done in some situations but not all.

Our Wildlife Technicians at Stateline Animal Control are fully licensed to help with your Groundhog removal needs. If you are having trouble with any type of Wildlife nuisance, please give Stateline Animal Control a call today for all of your Southeastern Wisconsin Wildlife problems.

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